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Shaoxing Keqiao Jinbaolai Needle Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of knitted fabrics with various varieties and colors. It has professional technicians and high-tech production and processing equipment, and has established a complete set of quality assurance from raw materials to finished products. The system provides great convenience and guarantee for our customers.

The company has the most advanced imported large circular machine (single-sided machine, double-sided machine, rib machine, three-line sweater, terry machine) professional production: cotton jersey, cotton jersey, spandex jersey, staple jersey, Polyester jersey, blended jersey, pull jersey, cotton spandex jersey, human cotton spandex jersey TR spandex jersey, TC spandex jersey, CVC spandex jersey, modal, bamboo fiber, Tencel, rayon, 1 ×1 rib, 2×2 rib, French rib, beaded mesh, fish scale cloth, sweater cloth, terry cloth, French terry cloth, Roman cloth, waffle, cotton cloth, air layer honeycomb cloth, stair cloth, Bird eye cloth, double-sided flat cloth, healthy cloth. All kinds of fabrics such as printing, burning, embossing, brushing, engraving, printing, tie-dyeing, crumpling, hook-embroidering, silver-spraying, bronzing, composite, etc., moisture wicking, anti-flame retardant, anti-static, UV-resistant, anti-bacterial and other high-end knitted fabrics have complete specifications and high quality, which are favored by customers!

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